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Happy Holidays, and that means the return of Holiday PB! Cinnamon Sugar PB, Cookies & Cream PB and our PB, Cookies & Cream Milkshake!

Get ready for a PB experience that is anything but ordinary. Come in and try one of our creations.


Our Creations

Choose from any of Our Creations, either on regular or artisan bread. (Add $1.50 to menu prices for artisan bread)

PB, bacon, cheddar, pickles$5.25
PB, banana, bacon, honey$5.25
PB, Nutella, fluff, M&Ms$4.75
PB, honey, cinnamon sugar, raisins, cream cheese$5.25
PB, apple, cheddar$3.75
PB, cream cheese, jelly$4.25
PB, bananas, chocolate chips, pretzels$4.50
PB, apples, honey, cinnamon sugar$4.25
PB, Nutella, poundcake$4.25
PB, apples, bananas, raisins$4.50
SlidersChoose any three creations and have them made into three mini sandwiches$6.50



PB, Nutella, fluff, M&MsHalf $5.75$11.50
PB, honey, cinnamon sugar, raisins, cream cheeseHalf $6.50$13.00
PB, banana, chocolate chips, pretzelsHalf $5.25$10.50
PB, apple, honey, cinnamon sugarHalf $5.25$10.50
PB, Nutella, PoundcakeHalf $5.25$10.50
PB, apple, banana, raisinsHalf $5.25$10.50


Peanut Butter "Fondue"

Start with a cup of PB and choose dippers too add-on. *dippers are extra, please see pricing below.

Cup of PBAdd-on any of our dippers: apples ($2.00), bananas ($1.50), celery ($1.50), pretzels ($1.00), potato chips ($1.00) or poundcake ($1.50)$4


Beverages & More

Fountain Soda$1.75
Bottled Water$1.50
CoffeeRegular/Decaf$1.45 $1.95
Iced Coffee$2.25
TeaRegular/Decaf$1.45 $1.95
Herbal Tea$1.65 $2.25
Hot Chocolate$1.45 $1.95
Bottled Soda$1.95
Bottled Tea$2.45
Bottled Frappuccino$2.75
Milk2%, Skim, Chocolate, Non-dairy Soy Milk$1.65 $2.25
The PBandU SmoothiePB, milk OR vanilla soy milk, frozen banana, honey, ice$4
MilkshakesPB, vanilla ice cream & skim milk, optional chocolate syrup$4


Happy Holidays, and that means the return of Holiday PB! Cinnamon Sugar PB, Cookies & ...



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